Management Systems

Reitsma Constructions is a Company committed to producing work of the highest standard of quality, in terms of design, materials, workmanship and service, considering the practical, functional, budgetary and aesthetic needs of the client. To achieve this commitment, the Company utilises up to date construction techniques and maximises building efficiencies.

This passion for excellence has led the Company to develop operational systems that are aimed at attaining the highest standards of environmental management, quality management as well as workplace health and safety management. Reitsma Constructions' operational systems guide and drive the way the Company operates and ensure the best outcomes are always achieved in terms of quality, environmental wellbeing and health & safety at all Reitsma projects.

As a mark of affirmation and vote of confidence to these systems, Reitsma Constructions is certified as compliant to the latest international standards and best practices. The company holds the ISO9001:2015 (Quality Management) as well as the ISO14001:2015 (Environmental Management).

Reitsma Constructions continues to improve its operations and systems to achieve mutual benefits of all stakeholders with minimal detriment to the environment.


Have confidence when building with Reitsma Constructions as we have obtained the CM3 Contractor Prequalification. We believe that having the CM3 Contractors Prequalification substantiates our high level of WHS / safety systems and processes to aid you in understanding our health and safety capabilities before we start on your project.

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Reitsma Constructions upholds and reinforces the importance of safety and well being on our projects. Our safety systems demonstrate to all stakeholders our commitment to safety and that returns in an increase in productivity, efficiency and your project is completed on time.