Project Update – Buckland Aged Care Services, Stage 6,7,8 & Heritage Cottage

The multistage project for Buckland Aged Care Services in Springwood, designed by Integrated Design Group, has seen solid progress under Reitsma’s management. We are delighted to announce the successful completion of stages 6, 7, 8, and Heritage Cottage, which now offer a total of 16 beautifully refurbished rooms, including a respite room, a new porte cochere, reception, common area with a cozy fireplace, nurses station, treatment rooms, and an updated servery kitchen, complemented by stunning external landscaping.

The Heritage Cottage has undergone significant refurbishment and extension work, resulting in a breathtaking standalone residence featuring three spacious bedrooms, laundry facilities, a modern kitchen, and comfortable living areas. The refurbishment was carried out under the close supervision of a Heritage Architect to ensure the preservation of the cottage’s unique character and historical significance.

The residents have given wonderful feedback on the building, and we are excited to move forward with the simultaneous completion of stages 9 and 10, which will feature 16 more refurbished rooms, a new living and dining area, and extensions to the servery kitchen with associated landscaping. Once these final two refurbishments are completed, all 10 stages of the project will have been accomplished.

Our team has done an exceptional job of carrying out the works in a live environment while minimising disruption to residents.

March 17th, 2023