Reitsma, In partnership with NBRS Architects, Last year successfully finished the construction of the new Atrium Building & Heritage Chapel restoration works at St George Christian School, Hurstville. The new three storey building is situated within the heart of the school with limited access, and involved significant ongoing consultation with the school in order to maintain their daily operations. This building boasts a new wood tech facility, student reception, staff rooms, general learning areas and provides much required access connecting different parts of the school. A significant revamp to the external areas on both elevations of the school provides the students with new open and covered play areas with detailed landscaping. The chapel heritage works were a key element of the project requiring attention to detail and the expertise of many to achieve. It was rewarding to facilitate the refresh of this building as it holds a lot of importance for the school in the past, present and future. Reitsma is proud to have contributed to the growth of the school with this latest project.

January 31st, 2024