With the start of 2019, we have some management changes taking place at Reitsma.  Reitsma is excited to announce the appointment of Greg Tisdale as our Operations Manager for Reitsma RFM ( Refurbishment Fit-out Maintenance ).  Greg has over 16 years experience working in the commercial construction space in Sydney.  Greg has a great deal of experience across Education, Commercial, Fit-out and Residential.  The RFM business has been growing each year to be a significant operation for the Reitsma company.  We now have over 20 employees working within the RFM business with a turnover of approximately $15 Million.  As part of this change, Matt van Bentum will transitioning into the Construction Manager role for all Sydney major projects.  Congratulations to both Matthew and Greg.

Start of 2019, Management changes has taken place at Reitsma