Reitsma is one of the most experienced contractors in NSW for the construction of churches. We work with the church and architect to provide a long term outcome for the client and surrounding community.

Having broad experience with the construction of Churches means we are well equipped to handle the range of scopes encountered in church projects, including keeping the nature of the existing and new buildings, carefully blending the new with existing. We work closely and professionally with our clients making sure they are satisfied throughout the construction period. We are also mindful and understanding of the budgets which are often limited and require innovation and initiative. Overtime we have built great relationships with our clients and professional consultants and we are proud of the repeat business we do for a number of organizations in Sydney NSW.

Client: Anglican Church Property Trust Diocese of Sydney

Client: Grace City Church

Client: Uniting Church Australia

Client: Baptist Property Trust NSW

Client: Anglican Church Property Trust

Client: Anglican Church Property Trust

Client: Sydney Anglican Property Trust

Client: Anglican Church Property Trust

Client: Hillsong Church

Client: Emmanuel Baptist Church

Client: Sydney Anglican Church Property Trust

Client: St Andrews Parish

Client: Sydney Anglican Church Property Trust

Client: Mortdale Oatley Baptist Church

Client: Engadine Anglican Church

Client: Sydney Anglican Church Property Trust